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information about the Ownership Registration

Setting up a business is the first step to fulfill your dream of being an entrepreneur. To make this dream a reality, you have to first establish it in the eyes of law. Every business structure in India derives from different characters and is beneficial for different business activities.

Therefore, the first thing you do is to plan and discuss your business requirements with our experts and end upon the suitable business structure for you. The popular business structures in India are Proprietorship firm and Partnership firm with corporate entities like Private Limited Company, OPC and Limited Liability Partnership, each serving varied needs of the businesses.

To register a business

In India the promoters or owners are required to finalize their business activities and capital requirements first. Based on aspects such as the association of partnership, fund requirements, types of activities, etc. the appropriate business structure is chosen. Registration of the business entity is a primary requirement to establish the business and get legally recognized in the eyes of law. For a proprietorship firm, registration is not mandatory but preferable owing to registration benefits and the requirement of opening a business account in banks. The amount of capital depends on the activity and its scale. It varies from small and medium-size businesses to wholesale and retail businesses. The best way to decide the appropriate amount is to first analyze the future expenses and requirements. Also, one has to fulfill the minimum requirement of capital based on the organization structure chosen.

Advantages of Partnership Firm

Easy to Start

Partnership firms are one of the easiest to start. The only requirement for starting a partnership firm in most cases is a partnership deed. Hence, a partnership can be started on the same day. On the other hand, an LLP registration would take about 5 to 10 working days, as the digital signatures, DIN, Name Approval and Incorporation must be obtained from the MCA.

Decision Making

Decision making is the crux of any organization. Decision making in a partnership firm could be faster as there is no concept of the passing of resolutions. The partners in a partnership firm enjoy a wide range of powers and in most cases can undertake any transaction on behalf of the partnership firm without the consent of other partners.

Raising of Funds

When compared to a proprietorship firm, a partnership firm can easily raise funds. Multiple partners make for more feasible contribution among the partners. Moreover, banks also view a partnership more favourably while sanctioning credit facilities instead of a proprietorship firm.

Sense of Ownership

Every partner owns and manages the activities of their firm. Their tasks might be varied in nature but people in a partnership firm are united for a common cause. Ownership creates a higher sense of accountability, which paves the way for a diligent workforce.


Documents Required

  • Adhar card
  • Identity Proof
  • Director’s Address Proof
  • PAN Card
  • Photograph
  • Business Address Proof
  • NOC from owner
  • Rent Agreement

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